Meat Dukan is a registered trademark (brand) of SR Foods (Pvt) Ltd. Established in 2011, Meat Dukan is one of the top tier brands in meat retail industry of Pakistan with one vision to provide the highest quality hygienic meat to our customers. We are taking butcher industry to next level with substantial experience in the field of retail butcher industry.

Meat Dukan management has a clear focus on meat from free range and grass feed animals to be provided to its esteemed customers. We believe in hygienic values as health is the most important factor of human life. That’s why our slaughtering mechanism is fully automated clear from any pollution or germs. We are doing all of our slaughtering at PAMCO, which is state of the art slaughter facility in Lahore.

We excel in Pakistani market by coming up with traceable and hygienic meat for our customers; and for this we have established our own livestock sources. We aim to provide the highest quality meat on food & agriculture organization standards of UN at local level.

Our mission is to bring quality and reliability in the matter of meat, and reduce the usage of unhygienic meat from the local retail market.

Capturing and maintaining a large meat market share is our objective as it is not about just what we sell, but the way we sell it-therefore selling a healthier, and organic lifestyle, while maintaining a standard of health at world class level for our direct & indirect customers.